Flag of Lesotho: meaning and colors

Lesotho – an enclave country on the terrain of South Africa, is considered the most Majahan state in Africa.

October 2006 – the date of the official adoption of the modern flag of Lesotho. The staging was changed in honor of the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of state independence.

So the modern flag of Lesotho looks:

Flag Lesotho-1

In coordination with Lesotho’s legislation, it can only be a state institution. On the water – vessels of the country.

History flag Lesotho

The modern flag of Lesotho had a couple of predecessors. In 1884, it seemed the English corona colony, Basutoland.

Flag Lesotho-2

The 1st adopted in the year of independence of the country – in October 1966 Basutoland declared independence. The base of blue, near the string of the canvas, crossed 2 lines – green and red. Not counting this, it was depicted as a municipal headdress.

Flag Lesotho-3

The base for the original banner was the colors of the state party, Basuto, who had achieved independence for the country.

The 2nd staging of the kingdom seemed in the 2nd half of the 80s of the twentieth century at the end of the configuration of the political structure. The cloth crossed two diagonal stripes. The left triangle was filled with the image of a blade and spears on a white background. The right was greenish and separated from the left blue stripe.

Flag Lesotho-4

  • The subsequent change of the flag was produced in 2006 on modern.


Modern rectangular shape banner, broken on 3 horizontal stripes. Lower and upper, monotonous size. Average bigger.

Colors flag Lesotho

Flag folds from blue, white, and green stripes. On the white part is a black headdress of Basuto – Mover.

Meaning colors flag Lesotho

Colors and signs were not chosen by chance:

  1. White denotes the world;
  2. Green – well-being;
  3. Blue – water;
  4. Image of murmur – tribute to the state party, which led Lesotho to victory. Symbolizes the patriotism of the people of Lesotho.

Color palette folds from Basuto party colors.

The image of the mobby on the flag should occupy 92% of the height of the white strip.

Interesting facts about the flag

At the end of the military coup and changing power in the 2nd half of the 80s of the twentieth century, the Lesotho banner graduated for the same reason that it was very associated with people with the state party Basuto. The new authorities of this were not lined up, based on this decision to change the state sign.

Not paying attention to the army coup and substitution of power, the flag of Lesotho was and remains a sign of patriotism and the readiness of people to beat the country ,if you need acts.

Non-specialized information about Lesotho

Official language English and seed
Capital Maseru
Territory 30 355 km2
Population 2,031,000 people
Currency Rand, Loty
Telephone code +266
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