Flag of Kenya: meaning and colors

On the coast of the Indian Ocean in the eastern part of Africa, the government of Kenya is posted, a fairly tortured and fascinating country. There are quite a few representatives of the animal world: elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, crocodiles, and others. No less good and its symbolism – the flag of the country.

So the modern flag of Kenya looks:

Kenya-1 flag

History flag of Kenya

The flag was found at the original time in the Sultanate VITU, on the site of today’s Kenya. Flooring Vitu accounted for the second half of the XIX century. Sultanate in 1893. became another colony England, Based on this, the official symbolism of the country was accepted at that time.

Flag Kenya-2

At the end of 20-rs of the last century began to be used in Kenya 2ndsymbols – the flag of English East Africa. As well as other signs of colonial possessions, this flag was the main figure of England’s symbolism.

Kenya-3 flag

Modern symbols of Kenya were adopted in December 1963. Right now, the country took independence. The base plate has entered the flag of political organization KANU, Kenya African National Union (African Municipal Union of Kenya), took an active part in the struggle for independence. KANU party and changed the form of government. Kenya in the first half of the 60th years of the XX century became the Republic.

Kenya-4 flag

In the Republic of Kenya are also other kinds of flags:

  1. Naval. Flag rectangular. On unspecialized white background in the upper left corner of the drawn official national flag of the country in the use colorings. In the right corner, an anchor image is applied, made in red.

Kenya-5 flag

2. Air Force. This is a cloth on which in the upper left corner – the image of the state symbolism, and at the bottom right – the target decorated in green, white, flowers, and black red. All this on a non-specialized blue background.

Kenya-6 flag

3. Flag of defense forces. The banner consists of uniform horizontal stripes of red, blue, and blue colors. As with the past symbolism at the top on the left side, the state symbol is depicted, and at the bottom right – drawing anchor of blue with a golden eagle and a tape with the inscription.

Kenya-7 flag


The state symbol of Kenya has a well-known rectangular shape. The canvas is broken into uniform horizontal stripes of green, black colors, and red, which are allocated with narrow white stripes. The central element of the canvas is a weapon of Masai fighter: two spears crossed on the reverse side of the shield.

Colors flag of Kenya

On Kenya Four Colors – Black, Red, Green, and White.

Meaning colors flag of Kenya

Heraldry of the State Banner Kenya is based on color symbolism.

  1. Black – symbolizes the population of the country;
  2. Red – shed for independence blood;
  3. Green – natural sufficiency, an agriculture African country. white marked world.

The presence on the flag of the coat of arms of Masayev symbolizes the struggle for freedom and the willingness to defend it.

Interesting facts about the flag

Unlike the second state, where black on the country’s sign is pushed rather dark, since it speaks of terrible pages in the history of the country (for example, fierce wars), on the flags of African countries, this color symbolizes indigenous people. Kenya is no exception because 99% of the inhabitants are black.

Non-specialized information about Kenya

Official language English, Swahili
Capital Nairobi
Territory 582 650 km2
Population 47 564 296 people
Currency Kenyan Shilling
Telephone code +254
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