Flag of Grenada: colors and meaning

Grenada – Government located on the islands in the southeastern part of the Caribbean. Until the middle of the twentieth century, it was an English colony, at the end of which the government took independence. Specifically, the country’s municipal flag has got a modern look:

Flag of Grenada-1

History of the flag

Until March 3, 1967, at the time, at the time,  when Grenada was one of the island colonies England, Her flag was similar to the standings of the second overseas possessions – he was a film-inside color depicting Union Jack (municipal Flag of England) In the left upper quarter and a round mark depicting a sailing ship on the waves in the right-hand side.

flag of Grenada-2

For almost 7 years – From March 1967 to February 1974, the flag of the associated country of Grenada is quite very different from the option that is accepted for this day. In the background, there were three bands – blue, yellowish, and greenish color, and in the center, there was a white circle with a mucat.

Flag of Grenada-3

The full independence of Grenada took himself directly in the first half of the 70s of the twentieth century, and already four days later, at the end of the recognition of full autonomy from Britain, instead of the past Tricolor, the official flag was adopted, the appearance of which remains unchanged and at the moment.

The creator that made the modern design of the state banner, there is Anthony Si Judge.


The aspect ratio of the State Flag of Grenada is standard for most states and forms 5:3.

The whole perimeter is surrounded by a wide red border on which 6 five-pointed gold stars are applied – three in the top and bottom of the cloth.

The number of stars depicted on the flag equals the number of administrative units of the country:

  • Saint George;
  • Saint Mark;
  • Saint John;
  • Saint Patrick;
  • Saint Andrew;
  • Saint-David.

The inner part is divided into four sectors. Upper and lower sectors of the triangular shape of yellow color, and the right and left, respectively, green.

In the very center, there is a red circle with a yellow five-pointed star. This star indicates the country’s capital.

On the left side, on a green triangular field, depicted emblem-mounted stylized nutmeg. His shell is yellow and the kernel of the nut is red.

Colors flag of Grenada

Three colors are used in the design: yellow, green, and red. Their combination is easy for African countries and in aggregate symbolizes what Grenada emphasizes its message with Africa.

Values ​​of colors on the flag:

  1. Red: the nature of the Grenada residents, distinguished by courage and life, the unity of people, love for free and free fate;
  2. Yellow (golden): wisdom, heat, and friendliness of the country’s inhabitants, a symbol of sunlight;
  3. Green: evidenced by the cereal lands and fields of Grenada.

The image of muscat on the flag is direct because this spice has been available for a long time in the country’s main export item.

Muscat nuts supplied from Grenada occupy 40% of the world market, previously dubbed the “island of spices” because of the huge number of nutmeg trees, which was growing in that place.

The flag of Grenada can be used by all citizens of the country, and representative offices and at least. Not counting this directly it is the main for the army of the country.

Non-specialized information about Grenada

Official language English
Capital Saint George
Territory 344 km2
Population 108 789 people
Currency East Caribbean Dollar (XCD, code 951)
Telephone code +1-473
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