Flags of Albania: photo and history

The flag of Albania involves a canvas of a rectangular shape together with proportions 5 to 7. On a red background, there is a black double-headed eagle. The flag contains the proper name “Flameur Skanderbeg”, which was acquired in honor of the State Hero of the Republic – Scanderberg.

Albania is a small government in the Balkans, the mention of which is not so often. The more exciting what flag personifies this country.

History Albanian flags

1st Mention of the Albanian flag sees also in the fifteenth century. Albanian George Castritis, who later became a state stand thanks to the struggle against the Turks, used the image of the double-headed dark falcon on its own flags. In some variations over Sokol, a helmet was depicted (which remained on the coat of arms of the country).

In 1912, Albania took independence from Turkey and became a free state. On the red canvas began to portray dark falcon. During the entire 20th century, various elements (imperial crown, a communist five-pointed star, hammer, and sickle) have dated this type, which was associated with various events and burning country’s policies at the time.

Photo of Albanian flags

Flag of Albania-1

  • Flag of Albania 1912-1914

Flag of Albania-2

  • Flag of Albania 1914-1920

Flag of Albania-3

  • 1917-1918 (Free Albanian Republic of Corca (Occupation by France))

Flag of Albania-4

  • Flag of Albania January 20, 1920 – 8 August 1929

Flag of Albania-5

  • Flag of Albania August 8, 1929 – 1934

Flag of Albania-6

  • Flag of Albania 1934 – June 3, 1939

Flag of Albania-7

  • Flag of Albania June 3, 1939 – October 20, 1943 (Flag of Albania under Italian occupation)

Flag of Albania-8

  • June 3, 1939 – October 20, 1943 (flag of the governor of the Italian king)

Flag of Albania-9

  • October 20, 1943 – October 10, 1944

Flag of Albania-10

  • October 10, 1944 – March 7, 1946

Flag of Albania-11

  • March 7, 1946 – April 7, 1992

April 7, 1992, the flag has acquired its current form.

History of the flag of Albania

The flag of Albania is usually represented as an image of a dark double-headed falcon on a red canvas, which has the form of a standard rectangle with an aspect ratio of 5:7. Not counting this seems the version, where there is a communist star (outdated) or helmet (folk). Albanian coat of arms and flag almost do not differ from each other.

Colors flags of Albania

As already reported, there are only a red color thanks on the flag (which is officially approved in CMYK format) and light-dark color.

The red flag is denoted by the blood of Albanian patriots, spilled by them in the war against the enslavers (Turkish). A two-headed eagle in the center of the flag indicates the origin of Albanians, as of the descendants of the eagle. According to another version, the eagle is taken from the Coat of arms of the Byzantine Empire. The two-headed black eagle on a red background existed a banner of wars against the Turks.

Meaning colors flags of Albania

The colors of the flag of Albania are not dealing with heraldic values, even though they often say that the red background is usually denoted by blood, spilled by Albanians for their freedom. But at first in this case, the colors are justified by the history of the country’s creation. The red color of the panel is brave, courageous, strength and honor by the population of Ukraine, and willing to protect their freedom.

As for the dark falcon, he was the sign of the state brave of the 15th century Jores Castrith (Skanderbeg), which connected the Albanian people to a single country and successfully defended his independence, personally participating in all battles. The army under his leadership tried various victories at least a difficulty and did not allow the seizure of Albanian lands by the Turks. Directly his helmet is periodically depicted over falcon and still fixed on the coat of arms of the country. There are two versions of the origin of a falcon on the coat of arms of Skanderbeg.

One of them – the famous – says that all Albanians happened from the mountain eagles, and the ruler of the country – a direct descendant of the leader of the flock. It lies based on the plot of most Albanian folk fairy tales. Well, the name of the country in Albanian sounds like “Skipper”. Translated to the Russian indicates: “Country Orlov”.

The 2nd version is more likely: Falcon Albanians were adopted by the Byzantines because it was exactly on the coat of arms Byzantine Empire.

The flag of Albania is available on a dark falcon on a red cloth. The choice of such symbols is justified by the difficult story of the Albanian country.

Non-specialized information about Albania

Official language Albanian
Capital Tirana
Population 2 876 591 people
Territory 28,748 km2
Currency league
Telephone code +355
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