Flag of Bhutan: color and meaning

The Bhutan municipal flag is a rectangular cloth, which shows two notes triangles and white dragon. Based on the original time, the flag seemed in the XIX century, but since that time some transformations have suffered. Each color and item on this banner is used not just like this: However, either the second way they characterize this government. And now about each of its parts and the history of the creation of a bit Read more.

So the Bhutan flag looks:

Bhutan-1 flag

History flag of Bhutan

Since origin (i.e. Since the XIX century) the appearance of the flag has changed more than once. The oldest version of the panel, used as a sign of Bhutan until the mid-50s, was distinguished from the modern twist color and the location of the dragon (it was facing his head in the root side). And the shape of the panels was closer to the equilateral rectangle. According to some reports, the developer of his new design became Mayem Choining Wangmo Dordji in the 2nd half of the 20s of the XX century.

Bhutan-2 flag Bhutan-3 flag

The last configurations of the state ban were occurred in the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century. Then it seemed orange on it, as tribute to the thunder dragon monasteries.

The completely flag was approved as a state banner in June 1972. It happened directly to that era, at the time, at the time, at the time, when the Lord of the Dzhigme Singhe Wangchuk joined the throne – the founder of the fundamental reform for the country.

Reference! Bhutan is famous for the bridal monasteries and dumplings, and on the local dialect the name of the country indicates the “Dragon Earth”.


National Banner Outside Looks like a rectangular cloth (length and width in a 3:2 ratio). The symbol of the country on the kit is divided into 2 main colors – dark yellow (in the highest part of the flag) and bright orange. On the border of 2 rectangular triangles or in the center of the panel, there is a white dragon (residents of this country are called his friend), which holds precious stones in its own claws. On a white background, black contours are cheerlessly drawn the details of a fabulous being.

Colors flag of Bhutan

Bhutan flag contains 3 colors:

  1. Yellow;
  2. Orange;
  3. White.

And at least some of them are of particular importance.

The Meaning of characters and flag colors

The colors and elements of the state base have the following meaning:

  1. Yellow – symbolizes royal power and civil tradition.
  2. Orange – testifies to a Buddhist spiritual tradition. Both colors together are harmoniously unite the monarchy and religion.
  3. White – performs a picture of purity.
  4. The dragon depicted in the center – symbolizes the name of the country (T. To. At the local dialect, Bhutan testifies to the “Dragon Earth”).
  5. Precious stones in the Kogens of the Dragon – imply wealth and priceless treasures subject to the country’s departments.
  6. The growing mouth of a fabulous being – symbolizes the strength of the people, ready to stay for his country to the victorious finish.

In its initial version (in the XIX century), on the flag there was only yellow tint and dragon in the center. And only in the 60s, orange color appeared on the cloth.

The State flag of Bhutan in its symbolism reflects the aspirations of the people and the culture of the country, safely recriminating religion (Buddhism) and royal power. And not paying attention to the configuration stylistics, it is currently used for all objects in the country located on land. And inhabitants of Bhutan with special trepid and respect belong to their own national symbol, having traditions and local customs.

Non-specialized information about Bhutan

Official language Dzong-CE
Capital Thimphu
Territory 38 394 km2
Population 758 288 people
Currency NGULTRUM (BTN, code 64) (INR, code 356)
Telephone code +975
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