Flag of Benin: meaning and colors

Benin is located in West Africa on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Area 112.6 thousand. km2.

Independence is quite a lot testifies for the inhabitants of Benin and all of Africa. Based on this, it is not easy to the color palette, stunningly errors with the sign of freedom in black, with Panfrean.

France possessed Dahomey (Benin) until 1960. French is used as offices and in the modern presidential Republic of Benin.

So the modern flag of Benin looks:

Flag of Benin-1

History flag of Benin

The development and flag of the country are closely interrelated.

On November 16, 1959, the official birth of the municipal flag of Benin, then this country was named – Dahomey.

In 1975, Dagomea leaves and its flag, and Marxists come to management in the country with their power signs (red flag with a greenish star) and the new title – Republic of Benin.

Benin-2 flag

15 years later, on August 1, 1990, the return of the modern flag and the origin of the modern country of the Presidential Republic of Benin.

Army coups – Past part of the country. But it also resemble the colors of the flag.


Freedom of Benin is expressed by the flag of 3 similar parts. It enters the group of African bicolor states with a vertical strip.

One vertical in the course of the left – green. Two other horizontal stripes: Yellow (from above) and red (bottom).

Colors flag of Benin

Blue municipal flag:

  1. Green;
  2. Yellow;
  3. Red.

The Meaning colors flag of Benin

Benin took excellent continent for this continent, Panfrikan colors: green, red, yellow. Not applied only black – symbolizing memory and dismissed African enslavement.

  1. Green. restoration of fertility of fate and earth symbol.
  2. Yellow. Expresses the country’s wealth, the sun, the welfare of each of its people.

It is also well-being and a symbol of labor.

The population of the country is motley on ethnic composition. More than 60 people are scattered different folk crafts: potters, bone cutters, weaver, brass masters. Remarkable folklore. Excellent fishermen.

  • Red. Speaks about the courage and strength of the ancestors shown in the struggle for independence.

Blood color of the rights of people with black leather. The long fight against enslavement and colonizers. courage and determination of fighters.

Porto-Novo has a keeper and the capital of Benin of his political symbols and power.

The flag of Benin is a reminder of everything about past events and the country’s confidence in the wonderful future.

Non-specialized information about Benin

Official language French
Capital Porto New
Territory 112 622 km2
Population 12 864 634 people
Currency Frank CFA
Telephone code +229
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