Flag of Belize: meaning and colors

Belize flag – Blue rectangular cloth with aspect ratio 2:3. According to the lower and top edge of the flag pass 2 red narrow strips. In the middle of the flag, there is a sign of Belize. The coat of arms is a circle of white color, the appearance of which is decorated with a “wreath” of 50 leaves. Inside the circle is located a red tree, which presents an important role in the country’s economy and also appears to be a significant export item.

Before the tree – the shield, broken into 3 parts. In the 2nd upper – the tools of the woodcutters, once who came to the country alone from the 1st with Europeans: paddle and hammer on a white background, saw, and axon yellow. In the lower third – a sailing ship floating around the sea and the edge of the shore.

The shield from 2 sides is supported by 2 Human Figures: Metis with an ax and Mulatto along with a paddle. Under the shield is the national motto: “Sub Umbra Floreo” – “Under the Senius flourish”.

Each government has its own symbolism, which is represented as a flag, anthem, and coat of arms. Residents should show respect for the distinguishing symbol of their own country, read and use it only for peaceful purposes. The colors used on the flag, emblems, and emblems reflect serious historical acts, accommodation, economy, and cultural and religious raisins of the country.

So the Belize flag looks:

Flag Belize-1

History flag of Belize

The modern municipal flag of Belize took on September 21, 1981. In the current year, the country took independence from England. Before disconnecting, the country was named English Honduras and in January 1907 had the 2nd symbol that he served until 1919. Later, the flag has suffered the transformation and began to look in fact as modern, but there were no red bands on top and from below. In this form, the flag was used to continue before the declaration of independence of Belize.

Flag Belize-2

Flag Belize-3

Belize-4 flag


Belize flag is available, the ratio of the sides of which is high enough 2:3. The main color of the background is blue, the red stripe is in the lower and top edge. In the center, it is permissible to notice the coat of arms of the Belize country, which looks like a snow-white circle, topped with a wreath of greenish leaves.

Located in the center of the circle, the tree shows the main income from exports in the country.

The shield is placed in front of the tree, its surface is divided into three parts. Two tops contain woodcuts tools: ax and drank on yellow, and paddle and hammer on white background. At the bottom of the division, there is a sailing ship floating on the waves. On the left and left of the shield are two people: Mulatto holding the paddle, and grate with an ax in hand. In the bottom of the circle on the background of the ribbon is written the motto of the country Belize.

Colors flag of Belize

On the state flag of Belize, there are about 12 colors, which is a record in the midst of the banners of the second state. Of them allocate 6 main: red, blue, green, white, yellow and brown.

The Meaning colors flag of Belize

The colors of the head background are political parties of the country. Blue – this is the People’s United Party Belize, and Red – the Democratic Party. Located in the center of the composition Wreath on a white background contains 50 olive leaves, which is refused by 1950, at the time, at the time, at that time, at the time, while the country had 2 names – English Honduras. Directly in the current year, Belize began a struggle for independence from the UK.

In the center of the circle, it is permissible to notice the red tree, it indicates that the 1st Europeans in the country were engaged in the prey of the wood species of suitable breeds. The depicted tools on the shield are also praying for the exercises of the country’s inhabitants, and the ship is associated with transportation and maritime trade.

Reference! Figures of people with different skin color shown on racial affiliation of the population: methiys and Mulati.

Interestingly, the inscription on the tape placed under the White Circle, says “Sub Umbra Floreo”, which is permissible to translate into Russian as “I flourish in the shade”. The motto implies the impact of the Government of the UK. But at the end of the acquisition of independence of Belize, the phrase on the flag was not changed. The second difference from global symbols is permissible to call the image of people, which makes the Belize flag unique in the world.

Non-specialized information about Belize

Official language English
Territory 22 966 km2
Population 399 598 people
Currency White Dollar (BZD, code 84)
Telephone code +501
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