Flag of Barbados: colors and meaning

Barbados flag – rectangular flag divided by 3 vertical stripes. Flag width ratio – 2:3. With the right and field-side – blue stripes, in the center – Yellow. In the center of the flag, on the yellow strip, is a black trident.

So the flag of Barbados looks like this:

Flag of Barbados-1

History flag of Barbados

The modern version of the flag was approved in the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century. Sketches were taken by a nationwide working group.

The wound version of the flag of Barbados was a turquoise fabric, depicting the country’s emblem – the flag was introduced in the first half of the 70s of the nineteenth century. The emblem was a shape of the ladies, in dilapidated clothes, with a trident in her hand, which moves along the sea waves on the seashell. Move shell sea skates. The flag was used to continue until 1966.

Flag of Barbados-2

In the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century, Barbados comes out of the Western Indian Federation (the islands under the Protectors England, Where Barbados hit the actual method with a violent method) and nominally made a free state with its flag.

Not paying attention to the samples of queen England, Through the political forces committed, destabilize the situation in Barbados and prevent the adoption of the sovereign flag, the actions were able to accept this decision.

Curiously, Barbados’s official military fleet did not have a property to exist according to the British ban, but the fleet function took over the coast guard of the island, which used the flag of the Navy of Breathy, but in the Barbados manner.


The canvas has a proportion of 2:3.

Visually divided by 3 equivalent vertical stripes. In the center of the yellow strip and two blue at the edges. Big “Comes” of blue, on the idea of ​​the creators of the flag, emphasizes the importance of the seas for the island country.

In the center of the flag is a trident without a handle – a gap sign with the historical past colony. Also, the trident symbolizes free control, there is an extragalactic reminder and honoring the Highest Sea – Neptune.

One of the parts of the trident means one of the three rules of democracy: power from the people, power with the people, the power for the people.

The trident itself is made in dark color – emphasizes the independence of Barbados from Britain.

The Meaning flag of Barbados

  1. Blue – Infinite Sea, Travel Hospitality.
  2. Yellow – Sand Sunlight.

On Barbados, another pair is used:

Flag of Barbados-3

  • Flag of Governor Barbados

Flag of Barbados-4

  • Individual Flag of Queen Elizabeth II in Barbados since 1966

Non-specialized information about Barbados

Official language English
Capital Bridgetown
Territory 430 km2
Population 294 560 people
Currency Barbados Dollar (BBD, code 52)
Telephone code +1-246
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