Flag of Aruba: meaning and colors

Peninsula Aruba is 30 km north of Venezuela. The territory of the country form 190 km.2, with a population of 112.3 thousand. human. In 1986. I got the status of a self-governing area as part of the kingdom Netherlands.

So the modern flag of Aruba looks:

Flag of Aruba-1

History of the flag

The 1st Europeans (Spaniards) appeared on the peninsula at first in the 16th century, but from the middle of the 17th century, the peninsula captured the Dutch, at the end of the 30-year war with Spain.

With the end of the 2nd global business between the District and Netherlands was built on the principle of a free country, but, Crubians sought to receive enormous freedoms from at a large distance by walking plans, henceforth to complete independence.

In the 2nd half of the 70s of the XX century, Aruba took the 1st attributes of the country in the form of a hymn and flag. Since that time, the view did not change it.


The country flag has a rectangle shape with proportions of 2:3. Non-specialized blue background – Colors. Two uniform horizontal strips of yellowish color are depicted at the bottom of the panel. Closer to the weapon, in the highest panel, depicted a red star, divided from the rest of the white color.

Colors flag of Aruba

The symbolism of the country consists of 4 colors:

  1. Blue – denotes the world, heaven, the sea, hope, the future of Aruba and its relationship with the past;
  2. Yellow – Two narrow yellow stripes personify the fight against apartheid in the society of the island. One of the bands is a flow of tourists, resting in Aruba, the other – the industry and mineral wealth of Aruba.;
  3. Red star – means blood, shed out the carcass in the period of war;
  4. White – White Kime Stars Also shows honesty as well as the purity of the hearts of the residents of Aruba.

Star together with 4 rays means the origin of the population of Aruba and 4 key languages ​​in which residents are said: Paddamento, Spanish, English and Dutch. Star also means the island of Aruba – Red land, White beaches and azure sea around.

Meaning colors flag Arubaflag of Aruba

The white border near the star testifies to the sandy beaches surrounding the peninsula from all sides.

The flag of Aruba is rich in its symbolism and decipher:

  1. The blue background symbolizes the sea, sky, peace, future, and hope of Aruba;
  2. Yellow stripes mean the fight against apartheid, independence. One of their imagination of tourists on Aruba, 2nd – all Mineral Nasty Aruba. Also, yellow stripes are the prosperity of the people and the symbol of the Sun.

Star sign testifies:

  • Peninsula itself (red dryer), surrounded by the blue sea and bordered by white beaches;
  • Spilled blood and patriotism of Circus and the Pernambuco tree;
  • The multiplicity of states from where the population of the country (ultimately four compass points), and as a result of this multilingualism of the inhabitants (four languages ​​are used: Padkamento, Spanish, British, and Dutch).

Very interesting! The white line of the star borders still personifies the honesty and purity of the hearts of Circass.

Interesting facts about the flag

Governor Aruba also has an individual sign.

Blue – the field of the flag of Aruba periodically refers to the “color of the UN” due to the similar color.

Non-specialized information about Aruba

Official language Netherlands Ipapiamento
Capital Oranjestad
Territory 180 km2
Population 119 428 people
Currency District Florin (AWG, code 533)
Telephone code +297
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