Brunei flag: color and meaning

The flag Brunei is owned by the country that regulates the rules of colors and uses images on the main background. The canvas significantly more often has a rectangular shape and contains sketch: Emblem or coat of arms. They have communication with historical events in the past, economy, political system, or religious legends and traditions.

So the modern flag of Brunei looks:

Brunei-1 flag

History of the flag Brunei

The full name of the Asian country sounds like Brunei Darussalam. The flag earlier looked like a pale yellow rectangular background.

Brunei-2 flag

  • In 1906, two diagonal stripes of white and black color appeared on it.

Brunei-3 flag

The canvas focused more modern appearance, but the bands were stirred not quite a lot of seconds, they properly rested in the finishes in the upper left and right lower corner.

In September 1959, the placement of the bands on the flag of Brunei changed, and the emblem of the red color was added to them. Specifically this year the country took full autonomy from England, Which resolved the local sultan to manage the state and take laws. Since those years, the appearance of symbols has not changed, not counting this at the end of the declaration of the country’s independence in the years and the 80th half of the twentieth century.

Brunei-4 flag


Brunei flag is a web, the width of which is longer than the height halves, the side of the rectangle is in the 2:1 ratio. The flag crosses two broad bands. Finishes The bands are not placed in the very center of the angle: on the left – not enough below the crossing of the parties, but on the right – not higher. The center is placed the municipal coat of arms Brunei, which has a pair of parts.

The crescent of the red color is covered from above symmetrically located wings and umbrellas. On top of the wings, there is a fluttering flag that stands on an improvised post. On the left and right of the crescent depicted brushes hands with palms upwards, and the image of a ribbon with an inscription in Arabic is.

It is noteworthy that the naval flag of Brunei differs in appearance. On a yellowish background, there are three colored stripes from the upper left corner to the right lower right. They have a monotonous width and are painted in white, colors, and black red, starting on top.

In the center of the flag, there is a completely 2nd emblem. On the round wreath lies the crown, which not counting this contains a Muslim crescent with a star. In the center of the wreath, there is an anchor, on top of which two crossed sabers and a pigeon image with outstretched wings are placed. From below, under the wreath, tape with the inscription “Brunei”, which is made in Latin.

Colors of the flag Brunei

Basic Flag Color – Yellow. Against this background, there are two diagonal stripes, the top of which is white, and the lower – black. Emblem, located in the foreground, painted in red. Together with this inscription in Arabic, gold paint was performed. So, the flag of Brunei has four main colors: white, black, yellow, and red.

Meaning colors and flag sign

The country flag contains a yellow background – it is called a good color of Brunei-Darussalam. The strips are painted in white and black, which corresponds to the colors of the sultan flags. White in the belonging to Sultan Pengioran Bendahara, and black – Pemonchi Pengioran.

Both of the authorities were in the 2nd half of the 50s of the 20th century on the signing of an agreement with England about the receipt of autonomy Brunei.

The emblem located in the center of the country’s flag was invented and adopted in the first half of the 20s of the XX century. The symbol is of paramount importance for the people and the government. The emblem has a pair of different parts: the royal umbrella, pennant, crescent, mast, brushes, and hand wings. Although the element has special placement and decoding.

Two wings are a sign of fair justice and peace on Earth. Hand brushes facing palms to swell, mean the care of the country about the welfare of their own people and personify the government’s debt to people. Located under the wings of the Crescent, will turn the horns to swell, which is acceptable for Islam, which is the main religion of Brunei.

On the surface of the crescent, there is an inscription made by Arabs. It is the motto of the Islamic country and translates: “At all seconds at work under the management of the Highest”. The second word can be interpreted as “Eternal work Allah”. Under the crescent is a red ribbon. It says the name of civilization, it sounds like “Brunei – the Earth of the World” or “Brunei-Darussalam”.

The population of the Asian country of Brunei trembles to state symbolism. The flag is considered the most revered and honorable sign of the Muslim country. Based on this, the government predicts a hard sentence for those who improperly drawn flags. For violation of the law, it can take a long term of imprisonment in a colony.

Non-specialized Brawney Information

Official language Malay
Capital Bandar Series-Begavan
Territory 5765 km2
Population 464 478 people
Currency Brunei dollar (BND, code 96)
Telephone code +673
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