Flag of Algeria: meaning and colors

The flag of Algeria was installed on July 3, 1962, subsequently obtaining a country of independence from France. The flag of Algeria consists of 2 isometric vertical stripes, green as well as white colors. In the center of the flag is the image of a star and crescent red. Any color of the flag of Algeria contains symbolic meaning.

  1. White color means peace and decency;
  2. Green – means natural beauty, hope, and joy;
  3. The red color represents the blood spilled during the war of the independence of Algeria (1954 – 1962).

Green is also presented by the traditional Islamic religion mark.

Star and Crescents are symbols of Islam.

So the flag of Algeria looks like: photo

Flag of Algeria-1

Algeria is the most huge government on the ground in Africa. How every political education he has personal national signs: anthem, flag, and coat of arms. And if the Arabic language to know the awareness of the hymn, the flag, and coat of arms are more understandable to each. On the last of these signs – the flag, the history of its origin, the meaning and will depart in our article.

History flag Algeria

The territory of modern Algeria was the colony of the French Republic to the 2nd half of the XX century. Specifically, based on this, no independence signs had no time. At the end of the fierce war against the French armies, it was decided to make a referendum on which the question of the independence of the colony. According to his results on July 1, 1962, Algeria became a free state. And after two days, the official flag of the country was approved.

It is believed that the flag of the country is the same cloth that was used by the front of the municipal liberation during the war of the country’s independence. The front was organized in the first half of the 50s of the 20th century, he was ruled by a commander, the poet, and scientist Abdel Kadyr, who became the later municipal Algerian travelers.


The flag of Algeria is rectangular in the form of a canvas, divided into two vertical stripes similar in width. Left side – green, and right – snow-white. In the center, there is a red crescent, in which there is a five-pointed star than colors. The cloth has an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Flag of Algeria-2

Colors flag Algeria

Three colors are used in the Algerian flag: greenish, snow-white, and red. The 1st of them is considered a good color of the religion of the overwhelming majority of people of the country – Muslims. Another interpretation of this color is faith in victory.

  • Green emphasizes the fact that the independence of the country was highlighted by the invaders.
  • White color – a sign of purity, and mourning for those who died, fighting for perfection.

In Algeria, the appeal comes on the bravery, lead the war for the liberation of the country from colonial oppression.

The red color is the designation of the significance of freedom for the country.

The Meaning flag Algeria

Star and Crescents – are the signs of Islam, which began to be interpreted as Muslim from the 1950 – the 60s. It is also necessary to allocate that crescents with very very elongated horns are an unusual Algerian sign. She, in coordination from the standpoint of the people of Algeria, should be successful, both people and the whole country. In addition, the symbol of Algerians brings happiness.

Similar signs – a star and crescent, in truth, white, used in Turkey back in the nineteenth century. At the moment, the same sign with a “rounded” star and crescent, but on a red background is depicted on the flag of the Turkish Republic.

The flag of Algeria is an integral sign of the country, which reflected both religion and municipal history and perfection, rules. Directly based on this, its famous red crescent with the star is also on the coat of arms of the country. And the naval flag almost repeats the state, not counting the addition of a pair of crossed anchors in the upper corner to the left.

Building a flag:

Flag of Algeria-3 Flag of Algeria-4

Non-specialized information about Algeria

Official language Arabic, Berber
Capital Algeria
Territory 2 381 740 km2
Population 44 045 611 people
Currency Algerian dinar
Telephone code +213
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