Flag Bahrain: photo and history

Bahrain’s flag was originally red, as a reminder regarding the colors of the Muslim sect Harijite sect. In 1820., When the contract has been reached together with the UK, the white vertical band at the base appeared on the flag, symbolizing the world. In 1933, To make the flag to be distinguished from the region’s flags similar to it, a white strip is introduced, limited by a zigzag. On land, it is used as a state, civil and military flag, at sea – as a civil and military flag.

So the modern flag of Bahrain looks like this:

Flag Bahrain-1

History flag Bahrain

The final version of the flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain was adopted in 2002.

The 1st versions of the flag were monochrome and completely red. In the following, additional colors began to add to the flag, it happened under the action of historical events.

The fully red flag was a historic reminder of the early Muslim sect Harijitov, which had a great impact on the “Muslim world” and on the “Middle East”, in general.

Flag Bahrain-2

In the years and the 20th half of the nineteenth century, a military truce was reached between Bahrain and England. Earlier, the British stormed Bahrain, to reincarnate the kingdom to the British colony. As a sign of this, as a sign of the desired world, the flag was applied a white vertical stripe. By the way, later, the British colonize Bahrain, it will happen in the first half of the 70s and the years, but the flag design remains until this pore is unchanged.

Bahrain-3 flag

In the first half of the 30s of the twentieth century, staying under the Program of Britain, to increase the distinctness of the flag on the likely battlefield and the political map of the world, the border between red and white is blurred and the uniqueness is attached, with the help of adding a zigzag. Previously, the division was just vertical.

Bahrain-4 flag

In 2002, the last editing takes place – 5 white triangles are applied to the Bahrain flag – the sign 5 of the poles of Islam. This event became an event of an ambiguous response from the global public, the government has legally confirmed its commitment to Sharia (obsolete rules of the world order, human laws, and religious views).

Bahrain-5 flag

Description of the flag of Bahrain

Private 3:5. Visually flag is divided into a large side of red (vertical stripes). There is a zigzag line, with the beginning of the strip on a breakfast of a zigzag and 4 ended corners of triangles – the unity of the large cities of the country.

Flag Meaning and color

  1. Red – influential Kharijite sect. The main religious belief of this sext is mutual assistance and equality to all Muslims.
  2. White (triangles) – loyalty to Islam and Allah.
  3. White – a truce, spiritual, and world of cleanliness.

Non-specialized information about Bahrain

Official language Arab
Capital Manama
Territory 766 km2
Population 1 505 003 people
Currency Bahrain’s dinar
Telephone code +973
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